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Midnight White Back Blockout D030




1)Good penetration,bright colour,light weight for flags.

2)Quantity flexible,Can piece manufacture, also can mass production, prompt delivery.

3)Environmental, health,Environmentally Friendly Product, Easy Installation, Good Flame Retardancy.

4)Double side textile fabric.Fabrics fully through-printed reverse 90% visible.

5)For outdoors and indoors.

6) It can be printed by dye sublimation machine or silk screen machine.


FR-004   285GSM  Balck  Back

Width:  97CM-325CM

Thickness:  0.34MM

Usable :    Sublimation  - Direct,silk  screen  machine,transfer  machine,latex  machine

Flammabiliity :  B1  For  German

                         NFP 92-507  France

Application:  Digital  Printing  Flag ,  Table  Fabric,Dispay Fabric,Curtain  Fabric

  100%  polyester  warp  knitting

Display fabric are usually used in pop-up fabric display racks, which are very suitable for use in exhibitions or conferences. Our display fabric is easy to set and remove, without any influence on patterns and fonts, and has certain anti-wrinkle ability, which is convenient to carry.

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