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What Kinds Of Sportswear Fabric Are There

  What fabrics are generally used for sportswear? What kinds of sportswear fabrics are there? Sportswear fabric generally refers to the fabric of clothes during sports. Most of such fabrics are polyester.

  The first function needed is quick-drying.

  Because you need to sweat a lot during exercise, wearing cotton clothes is indeed very absorbent, but the sweat is absorbed on the clothes, and the clothes become wet and difficult to evaporate. Many sportswear fabrics are materials that have been researched with a lot of money. They are all 100% polyester. Such fabrics can quickly evaporate sweat after you sweat, so you won't feel the weight of any clothes. Sense, will not stick to the body, can be said to be the first choice for intense sports.

  I think everyone knows this, but the average people below don't.

  There is also a fabric used to warm up. Anyone who likes sports knows that warm-up before exercise is very important. If it is not enough, it is easy to get injured or even ruin a sports career. And there is a kind of warm-up clothes, which is the opposite of the above. It can retain the heat on the body, that is to say, the clothes are insulated. There is no uniform name for such fabrics. Clothes that can't be soaked in rain are such materials, very good.

  Also, other low-end clothes, there is some mesh polyester, but they are not as good as dryfit.

  As for washing, there is no problem how to wash it. Generally, it should be noted that the soaking should not exceed 4 hours. The first wash of dark colors should be separated from the light color. Generally speaking, polyester clothes are more pungent and will not be broken even if washed hard, otherwise, during exercise, the movement will be broken if the range is large!

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