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Sublimation Polyester Fabric : The Superior Choice

The ideal fabric for clothes is one that is soft, flexible and lightweight, making it easy to install and then take down when not in use. On top of this, a high degree of resistance to water, oil, and chemicals means that the top will last longer and retain its look over time. When considering these factors, a sublimation Polyester fabric coated with vinyl becomes the better choice.

The acrylic used in boat tops is typically the solution dyed variety, in which the component parts of the fabric are pre-dyed and pre-coated. This fabric provides some degree of water resistance, but it will usually need to be replaced or treated with water-resistant chemicals every few years to retain its effectiveness. As a result, acrylic fabric often ends up being more expensive.

While acrylics provide some degree of water and stain resistance, polyester fabric is superior in both respects. Due to its construction, polyester composite never loses its waterproof characteristic, cutting down on replacement or expensive treatments. It provides stronger protection against oils and chemicals than does acrylic fabric. Polyester’s overall durability, especially protection against abrasion, is also unparalleled.

This combination of increased softness with the highest degree of protection can only be found in top-of-the-line polyester fabrics.

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