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Introduction Of Polyester Flag Fabric

  When choosing clothes, we usually ask what fabric the clothes are made of. The fabrics of the clothes are various, such as pure cotton, linen, silk, etc., which are all good fabrics for making clothes. Do you know what kind of fabric is polyester? What are the advantages and disadvantages of polyester? Next, we bring this topic to everyone.

  What kind of fabric is polyester

  The polyester flag fabric is widely used in daily life. It is a kind of chemical fiber clothing fabric in daily life. Its advantages are good wrinkle resistance and shape retention. Therefore, it is suitable for all kinds of outerwear, bags, and tents. outdoor product.

  Advantages of polyester flag fabric

  1. The polyester flag fabric has good resistance to various chemicals, and the degree of damage to it by acid and alkali is not great, and it is not afraid of mold and insects.

  2. Polyester is a heat-resistant fabric in synthetic fabrics, with thermoplasticity.

  3. Polyester flag fabric has good light fastness, and its lightfastness is better than natural fiber fabrics and comparable to acrylic fabrics.

  Disadvantages of polyester flag fabric

  1. Poor hygroscopicity, polyester flag fabric has poor hygroscopicity, so it will give people a sense of stuffiness, and it will be charged with static electricity, contaminated with dust, which will affect the beauty and comfort, and it is easy to dry after cleaning, the humidity will not drop, and it will not deform. Wearable performance.

  2. Poor melting resistance. Polyester flag fabric has poor melting resistance. It is easy to form holes if it encounters sparks, soot, etc., so try to avoid contact with cigarette butts and sparks when wearing it.

  After reading the advantages and disadvantages of polyester, we know that we must prevent it from encountering sparks, soot, and other fire sources to prevent the perforation holes from being burned. I believe that clothes made of polyester fabrics are also very good.

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