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Color Selection Of Table Cover Fabric

  1. The table is even more brilliant when the colors collide

  table cover fabric can not be cluttered by clever color matching, and the table cover fabric of similar colors can make them stand out in a fun way.

  2, pale tablecloth matching

  Pale color table cover fabric does not match well, it will have a collision effect, so the light color table cloth can be matched with the blue table with a higher concentration. The table cover itself has the contrast of warm and cold tones, and it will become the focus of the vision.

  3, plain and elegant table cover fabric calms the sense of color chaos

  The various colors and patterns of the table cover fabric mix and match will give people a dizzying feeling while using a beige patterned tablecloth will look a lot calmer, and their previous collocations are similar to each other.

  4. Monochrome tablecloths use table Qi to attract eyeballs

  The single-color table cover fabric can be added with brown cloth strips around so that it will look more layered. Even with simple white tableware, it is not inferior in terms of vision and texture.

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