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Classification of Polyester Flag Fabric

Polyester Flag Fabric includes: staple fiber, drawn yarn, textured yarn, decorative filament, industrial filament and various differentiated fibers.

(1) Polyester staple fiber fabric

1. According to physical properties: high, medium and low strength medium extension type, high modulus type, high strength and high modulus type.

2. According to processing requirements: cotton type, wool type, hemp type, silk type.

3. Divided by purpose: clothing, cotton wool, decoration, industrial use.

4. Divided by function: cationic dyeable, hygroscopic, flame retardant, colored, anti-pilling, anti-static.

5. According to the fiber section: special-shaped wire, hollow wire.

(2) Polyester filament fabric

1. Primary yarn: undrawn yarn, semi-pre-oriented yarn, pre-oriented yarn, highly oriented yarn.

2. Drawing wire: drawing wire, full drawing wire, full drawing wire.

3. Textured wire: conventional textured wire, stretched textured wire, air textured wire.

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