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3 Best Reasons to Use Dye Sublimation Polyester Fabric Printing

Dye Sublimation Printing– is the process used to print fabric graphics or soft signage. This use began in Europe and caught on like wild fire in the states. Fabric graphics uses this full color printing process with heat sensitive sublimation dyes to be printed on a special release paper. The release paper is sandwiched with white polyester-blend fabric and run through a heat press at 400 degrees under pressure rollers. The heat and pressure turn the solid dye from the transfer sheet into a gas which becomes permanently embedded into the fabric fibers. When removed from the heat press, the fabric is then totally washable!

Whereas, pure cotton would burn, sublimation Polyester fabric begins to melt at these high temperatures and permanently encapsulate the image. The dye particles are neatly bonded to the fabric giving a sharp image with vibrant color that rivals traditional photographic images!

3 biggest advantages of fabric graphics over photographic prints are:

Durability: no more worries over transport damage. Fabric can be folded and washed.

Vibrancy: the colors are incredibly pure and vibrant and sharp.

Size: fabric is flexible and typically measures 8-10 feet by whatever your project requires without any seams.

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